Jazz Guitar Duet

Shortly after moving to Portland, OR, I started reaching out to other musicians.  In an incredible stroke of luck, one of the first players I met was Andrew Wright, fellow guitarist, luthier, and former student of my teacher in Los Angeles, Ron Eschete.  Being musical “brothers” with the same father/teacher, we spoke the same musical language and were able to bring what Eschete taught us to fruition in the form of a guitar duet.  Wright continues to prefer a six-string guitar (though sometimes playing a custom tenor instrument to lower the register of sounds), while I pick away at my seven-string instrument, thus conjuring the name of our duet as “13 Strings.”

13 Strings is available for hire for your event, whether it is a wedding, cocktail party, or community gathering.  We come prepared with sound equipment, professional attire, and a varied song book.  If the venue is appropriate, we have been known to invite guest musicians (as pictured above with Kirk Sigurdson on drums at the White Eagle in Portland, OR) to make us sound even larger than the extra strings tend to.

To inquire about availability, instrumentation, and rates, contact me!