Chameleon Hair

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In an attempt to make a song that sounded like blue soup, Chameleon Hair was born out of a repeating series of suspended chords until some harmonic complexity takes center stage in the bridge.  Two sets of concurrent lyrics blur the lines between the sender and receiver of this sonic smile.


Sharing one life together
Dreaming all day
Where you are my thoughts dwell
I love you, alwaysTrust me
Embrace me
My cherished one with chameleon hair
Our souls refuse to be two
And merge within a dotDrifting over time and space
My eyes reflecting you
Cryptic message organic
Have you ever had it blue?”Pedals descending
Resting interwoven with chameleon hair
Rapture impending
Lost for now but friends forever
Love illuminates life
Chucky daughter Moses
with a dime bag in her sight
the color of her roses
is a blackbird in her flight
Take me to the limit
take me to your heart
encased within our love
we will never part
Neo surrealists
touching breathing hard
it’s a masterpiece in progress
the singing of a bardThe future is a secret
that only time will tell
I’ll wake you in the morning
with the ringing of a bell
Waiting for
a phone call in the night
Through all confusion
I know things are alright
Mesmerize me as I fall
spinning in a bind
You could never leave me
cause you’re living in my mindScreaming in the middle
the walls are falling down
the screeching of a fiddle
and the smell of rotten down
Take me to a laundromat
we’ll do another load
The map is where we’re going
all the lines are roads

© 1995 C Barackman Music

Words and music by Cliff Barackman
Vocals: Cliff Barackman, Monique Powell
Guitars: Cliff Barackman, Bob Easton
Bass: Edwin Kampwirth
Keys: Victor Zahn III
Drums: Tim Bender


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