Tickling Me

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Words will never be accurate enough to escape from here.



This song consists basically of altered blues changes with an unbalanced emphasis on a tritone sub.  The further over-emphasize this point, most of the harmony in the vocals is also the tritone with half-step movements.


Sitting around thinking about
sitting on my own lap,
talking to myself like a dog
handing out some clap trap.

“Do you want a treat?”
Small brown rocks to eat.

Living life like a dog,
sitting on my own lap.

Trying to flee,
tickling me.

Crazy man sleight of hand
masticating on rubber bands.
Imperfection in designation,
indissoluble in creation.

No obligations,
weird situations.

We’re just juggling down the track
trying to get my baby back.

Trying to flee,
tickling me.

Bumblebee in the humble weeds
read the vibration in the present.
Momentary loss of your
mind that thinks it is but isn’t.

Their water’s muddy
They’re silly putty.

I the separate from the rest
that I was I once pretended.

Trying to flee
tickling me.

© 2006 C Barackman Music

Words and music by Cliff Barackman
All instruments by Cliff Barackman


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